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The best part were the seats. Wowzers!

The extra-large, electric, recliner seats were fantastic. Oh my were they comfortable! In fact, they were so comfortable that when the lights went out, I immediately began to fight sleep. I honestly think we both fell asleep for a good 15min cat nap (the movie was slow in the beginning lol). I like that you can pull up the arm rest and get close to your date and there is enough leg room that you never have to worry about getting up if someone needs to get by. This new kind of arrangement makes for a smaller, intimate theatre. I will definitely be back.

Tracy N. Washington, DC

…the BEST most AWESOME seats that I have ever seen in any movie theater.

Forget stadium seating! These seats are actual electronic recliners. No joke. Also the rows are spaced with enough room in between for you to have your chair fully reclined and people can easily walk past to get to their seat.

Melissa P. Centreville, PA

Upon sitting in the chair and pressing the buttons to move the chair I was amazed at the comfort these chairs offer.

It feels like your watching a movie in your own home theater. Not only are they comfortable, but they are spacious. You are pretty far from the person sitting next to you, sometimes I even forgot I was sitting next to someone. The chairs also have a swivel table top that can hold your snacks or your drink.

Will C. Washington, DC

The reclining, heated seats are super comfortable and have cup holders as well as as a swinging table top. There’s even a little flashlight attached to each seat so you can look at your menu during the movie. They have thought of everything!

Samantha K. Owasso, OK

And now for the seats. The seats are 10x better than every movie theater seat I’ve ever placed my tush on.

The seats are more like armchairs and they recline as much or as little as you want. You have sooooo much leg/arm room…it’s ridiculous! I almost forgot I was sitting next to a complete stranger at one point, haha. There’s also a little table attached to each of the seats, so you have a place to put all your food/drinks.

Alexis K. Washington, DC


This theatre finally put the ticket stand on the same level as the theatre. THANK YOU. They also opened up concessions in a way that you just kind of meander and pick out what you want and then pay at a cashier. Everyone on staff was super friendly as well. But, the real joy at this theatre is the seating. WIDE AISLES and THE MOST COMFORTABLE MOVIE SEATS EVAH! I may have to make this my movie home base (Sorry, Parkway Pointe 15) from now on.

Christy L. Marietta, GA

…But let’s get down to brass tacks… the seats. Big. Plush. Power-Reclining. Reserved. EDEN.

And yes folks, for those couples out there, the middle armrest does raise so you can cuddle during the movie (yay). Just be careful, do get so comfy that you fall asleep. So far ticket pricing has not escalate to the obscene. $9 for matinee and $11 for evening. That will change soon, I’m sure, but so far I don’t care. By the way, Beer Wine and Cocktails are coming soon too – the bar will be called MacGuffins. If you are a Hitchcock fan, you’ll get the reference. As a friend of mine said – this theatre is all mine, you guys need to all stay away (or something to that effect). ‘Nuff said.

Lindy F. Atlanta, GA

Two words: reclining seats!!!! You can literally lay down, snuggle and watch a movie. Pretty much any seat in the theater is a good seat. So for the comfy, reclining seats alone this theater gets five stars

Summer E. Arlington, TX

The electronically reclining seats are awesome!

If this is the direction that AMC is heading, I’m a fan. The seats are spacious and super comfortable, it’s like watching a movie in first class. I haven’t tried the food from concessions, but they have the spiffy new mix-it-yourself soda machines too. The seats are spaced out and the backs are high enough that your view won’t be obstructed by the tall or big-headed person in front of you. I’m a strong advocate of supporting local independent theaters, so I almost felt guilty about how impressed I was with the fancy new theater, but if I worked nearby and needed a power nap, I would seriously contemplate heading out here with earplugs for a comfy nap.

Yujin M. Washington, DC

Who would have thought that this place would become my new favorite DC-area theatre when I dropped by last weekend?

If you’ve ever been to a Kimpton boutique hotel, this is like the theatre version of it — small, ticket booth instead of computers, really friendly service, all the extra perks including a make-your-own-flavor customized soda machine, and modern design. Going to a late showtime let me pretend I was super ballin’ in my dream home theatre with a few friends. The red leather seats electronically recline at a touch of a button – all the way flat to 180 degrees if you want to. And the screen is curved like a stadium seating theatre, but just on a smaller scale. The theatre is also much quieter, less crowded, and clean in comparison to the other non-indie/artsy theatre options anywhere nearby.

Jaye V. Alexandria, VA

I’m generally really cheap when it comes to how much I’ll pay for entertainment, so coming to the AMC Marina 6 was only prompted because my friends got free tickets to preview the new dine-in theater.

Which was awesome! My favorite thing about this theater was the reclining seats. They recline like a lazy boy chair you would have at home and they are really comfy. If the movie I was watching hadn’t been so damn interesting, I could have probably fallen asleep in the chairs.

Katrina G. Monterey Park, CA


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