Fewer Seats, More Profit: Can It Work?

While theatre owners are always looking for ways to enhance the moviegoing experience for their patrons, the thought of remodeling auditoriums with premium seating can seem a bit daunting. After all, reducing the number of auditorium seats to increase the bottom line seems a bit counterintuitive at first. However, at VIP Cinema Seating we know that this concept actually helps our theatre partners maximize their revenue. Here, we will break down how transforming movie theatres with premium reclining seats helps create experiences that drive profit.

Radically Enhancing the Moviegoing Experience

It wasn’t that long ago that theatre seats were nothing more than a spot to sit during a film. Seat quantity was the top priority for theatre owners, who saw this as an opportunity to sell more tickets and concessions. While this concept was great for theatre owners, it was less than ideal for patrons who were often sitting in not-so-comfortable seats for the duration of a film. And, this was all while they were struggling to balance their popcorn, candy, and beverages.

That all changed when VIP Cinema Seating introduced a luxury cinema seating concept that would go on to revolutionize an entire industry. The product was a no-brainer: a super comfortable, reclining theatre chair with cupholders for beverages and tables for food that patrons would actually enjoy sitting in for the duration of a film. The concept was a tougher sell: remodel your auditoriums with fewer, but much improved, seats. How could theatre owners do this and still drive the ticket and concession sales they needed to grow their business?

How Can Fewer Seats Drive More Traffic?

According to Inc., “Over the past few years, the US has witnessed a tectonic shift in spending with 4x spending devoted to experiences rather than physical goods.” For the movie theatre industry, this means that the days of simply providing a place to sit during a film is no longer enough. It means that now is the time to transform theatres into places where moviegoers can have unforgettable, full-sensory experiences that start with premium reclining seats.

Couple watching movie in reclined seats with popcorn

Does this concept really work? Since introducing the premium reclining cinema seating concept to the industry, we have installed more than 1 million VIP seats across the globe. The results have been phenomenal. For example, after helping a major theatre chain remodel all of its auditoriums in 2019, they experienced an 80% increase in attendance and a 60% increase in their return on investment.

New Food & Beverage Options

VIP Cinema Seating offers a variety of chair upgrades, including individual tables that comfortably hold food and beverage. With this enhancement, theatre owners can offer additional concession options such as hot meals and premium cocktails. Not only does this drive increased concession sales for theatres, but it has also dramatically changed how the public thinks about movie theatres and dining. In fact, our partners at AMC recently made Redbook’s list of Top Movie Theater Restaurants in the US.

Couple eating dinner from theatre concession in seats with tables

VIP Cinema Seating is proud to have introduced the reclining cinema seating concept to the industry, helping our partners to increase traffic and concession sales to maximize their profits. If you are a theatre owner or partner looking to enhance your experience and bottom line, contact us today for a consultation.