A Message from Our CEO

I wanted to take a moment to reach out to our customers, business partners, and other industry colleagues regarding the current situation facing our industry. This is a difficult time for everyone, and our thoughts are with you as we all navigate our way through this.  

As our theatre partners continue to evaluate how to manage business operations, we remain vigilant and dedicated to servicing our customers. Currently, our supply chain remains open and we are manufacturing at normal capacity. We know that the industry will eventually bounce back with moviegoers anxiously awaiting to return to their local theatres. While we are disappointed that we are not able to meet with you in person at CinemaCon, we are developing a VIP Virtual Experience that will bring our new innovations directly to our customers and prospects. More details will be available very soon, so please sign up for our e-newsletter to make sure you stay up-to-date.

I know that the road ahead will be challenging. This industry is and always has been a resilient one and we are confident that by standing strong together today, we will be ready to continue bringing the magic of the movies to people with the elevated experiences they expect from us.


Michael Blatz

CEO, VIP Cinema Seating

News: VIP Cinema Seating Launches Radically Enhanced Seat at CinemaCon

The industry leader’s latest innovation offers a recliner experience in the footprint of a traditional seat.

(St. Louis, MO – February 26, 2020) – VIP Cinema Seating, the leader in the cinema seating industry and the pioneer of the reclining theatre seat concept, announced today that it will officially launch an innovative, new high density seating solution at CinemaCon in Las Vegas from March 30th – April 2nd, 2020. According to company officials, the new concept was designed to deliver on VIP’s promise to radically enhance the theatre experience and help its partners deliver bottom-line results. 

“An enhanced seating experience is not only expected by today’s moviegoers, but it is also proven to improve the bottom line for theatre owners by increasing attendance, concessions and ticket price,” says Michael Blatz, CEO of VIP Cinema Seating. “In fact, our partners are seeing an average 25% ROI from seating upgrades. That said, we recognize that many theatre owners want to upgrade their seating without sacrificing seat density which is why we designed this groundbreaking new concept.  This new seat will move us beyond the recliner and continue VIP’s aim of elevating the moviegoing experience – all while maintaining a similar density per screen.”

VIP Cinema Seating gave select theatre owners and customers a sneak peek at the new product during the research phase, which led to the chair being nicknamed “Wow” based on the reactions. The company will unveil the final product name at CinemaCon, which will be selected to reflect the enhanced technology and modern design:

  • Innovative proprietary VIP ConformaGel™ comfort seat
  • Patent-pending smooth VIP IntelliGlide™ movement with or without electric
  • Sleek pedestal for easy cleaning
  • Modular privacy options for an undisturbed experience
  • Luxury quilted back design as seen in today’s premium cars

In addition to these new technologies, the chair is completely modular for easy parts replacement, will fit on most current risers so no additional construction costs are incurred, and can be installed in at least 50% less time than a typical recliner.

“When we set out to design this new concept, our goal was to bring the next industry disruptor to the market,” says Blatz. “After the tremendous feedback we received during the research phase, and all of the work we have done since then to refine and perfect this product, we cannot wait to officially unveil it at CinemaCon.”

Customers interested in scheduling an appointment with VIP Cinema Seating at CinemaCon can contact the company by visiting the new website at www.vipcinemaseating.com or emailing info@vipcinemaseating.com.


About VIP Cinema Seating

With over 1,000,000 seats installed across the globe, VIP Cinema Seating is the leading manufacturer of luxury cinema seating in the world today. The company manufacturers in five state-of-the-art facilities in New Albany, Mississippi (US) that total over 900,000 square feet and can produce over 1,000 seats a day. The facilities run multiple vertical production cells using calibrated computer technology for guaranteed to-spec accuracy. Plus, they are designed with product and parts inventory capacity as well as build-to-order flexibility, allowing VIP to efficiently and consistently serve its partners.

VIP’s expert in-house sales team provides a consultative style partnership that is focused on providing high-performance custom solutions for every type of auditorium, including those with sloped floors, limited space issues, and remote access. With dedicated sales teams based in the U.S., the U.K. and Dubai, VIP Cinema Seating is able to service partners across the United States and the EMEA region.

For more information, please visit www.vipcinemaseating.com

Movies Still Offer the Most Value for Family Activities

When it comes to planning family activities, it’s important to find things to do together that will create memorable experiences and get you out of the house. But, planning for the entire family can be a challenge when it comes to managing a budget. With prices for things like attending a sporting event or a live concert continuing to increase year over year, it’s no surprise that more families are staying in for a game night or turning to free activities like going to the library.

However, Gallup’s recent Americans’ Reports of Leisure and Activities shows that there is one out-of-home activity that Americans are still paying for more than any other, and that’s going to the movies. That’s right – in the age of streaming services people still choose to leave the house to experience the magic of the cinema together. And, it’s not just the experience that is driving people to their local theaters – it’s the value that families get when choosing to see a movie over other popular out-of-home activities.

 Let’s take a look:

Average Movies cost based on Fandango ticket prices for two adults and two kids plus the average cost of on large popcorn + two drinks combo and two kids combos from AMC Theatres in Chicago, IL. Average Theme Park cost based on the cost of 4 general admission tickets to Great America in Gurnee, IL plus $25 per person spend on food/beverage. Average Sporting Event based on average ticket prices with food and beverage included for a St. Louis Cardinals game. Average Live Concert cost based on average cost to see an artist live in concert in 2019 from Statista plus $25 per person spend on food/beverage.

As you can see, the average American family of four can experience a night out at the movies with concessions for more value than any other type of traditional out-of-home activity.  (In fact, the average cost to attend a theme park, sporting event, or a live concert is typically even more than what’s shown here when you factor in things like parking and souvenirs.) Thanks to the incredible value, this means that families can have multiple movie nights out in a given year and still not spend as much as they would on one of these other events!

What does all of this mean for theatre owners? First, it means that your local customers still want to experience the magic of the cinema. Then, it means that it’s time to take inventory of your current theatre experience and consider elevating it with luxury reclining seats. Not only will today’s moviegoers pay more for enhanced comfort (especially parents), but reclining seats also allow you to upgrade your concession offerings while increasing your ticket price. This all adds up to a better experience for your patrons and maximized profits for you.

Not sure where to start? Contact us today for a free consultation that includes our profit model calculator, and we can show you how a customized installation plan can deliver more value to your customers and grow your bottom line.

Our Top 3 Movie Theatre Industry Predictions for 2020

With Comscore reporting U.S. box office revenue down 3.6% for 2019 – the sharpest decline in 5 years – it’s no surprise that industry insiders are whispering about a gloomy road ahead for the movie theatre industry in 2020. It’s one that seems plagued not only by the lack of a Star Wars entry but also by the continued success of established streaming services and the emergence of new ones.

But, like any well-crafted screenplay, there is so much more story to consider when it comes to predicting how 2020 will playout for the industry.   

First, it’s worth noting that despite domestic declines, 2019 was a record-breaking year for the global box office, cashing in at an all-time high of $42.5 billion. Then, let’s not forget that 2018 tipped the scales by becoming a record-breaking year for the domestic box office after several years of declines. This was thanks to a library of hits from powerhouses like Disney and Warner Brothers, as well as box office surprises like Paramount’s A Quiet Place.

The surprises continued into 2019, with Joker becoming the highest-grossing R-rated film of all-time and stronger-than-anticipated revenue from smaller, yet critically acclaimed films such as Little Women and Uncut Gems.  And, all of this happened while streaming services like Netflix continued to flourish and new power players, like Disney+, emerged.

Now that we have a stronger backstory, what does this tell us about what to expect for the movie theatre industry in 2020? Here are our top three predictions for the year ahead and – as you will see – there are opportunities for theatre owners to grow their business in the year ahead.

1. Highly-Anticipated Franchise Entries Will Drive Box Office Revenue

It may be hard to believe, but there will be box office life after The Avengers and Star Wars. In fact, there are several blockbusters lined up for 2020 that we expect to drive strong critical reception and ticket sales:

  • Daniel Craig returns for his fifth and final run as James Bond in No Time to Die, opening wide on April 8th. Not only do we expect fans to turn out to see Mr. Craig’s final performance, but we also suspect that the addition of Fleabag’s Phoebe Waller-Bridge to the writing team will help attract a new group of moviegoers to the latest 007 installment.  
  • Marvel seems to know how to deliver superhero film magic better than most, and on May 1st they will give Black Widow fans what they’ve been longing for when the beloved character takes center stage in her first solo film. With Scarlett Johansson fresh off a strong awards season for her work in both A Marriage Story and Jojo Rabbit, her acting chops may very well attract a new group of fans to this story.
  • 2017’s Wonder Woman was nothing short of a cinematic phenomenon. It brought in more than $820 million worldwide and catapulted Gal Gadot into a household name. While other DC films have failed to live up to its critical success, fans have been waiting eagerly for June 5th, 2020, when Wonder Woman 1984 opens wide. And with Patty Jenkins at the helm, this sequel is poised to be the highest-grossing film ever directed by a woman.

2. Great Storytelling Will Continue to Win

It seems like every year we look back on the smaller films that surprised us with their critical and box office success. Take 2019’s Uncut Gems for example. Even with a powerhouse lead with Adam Sandler, the independent film’s small budget and lack of a traditional Sandler-Esque plot left it with limited initial distribution and marketing. Still, it went on to exceed box office expectations and to become the highest-grossing film for its independent distributor, A24.

What does this tell us when it comes to 2020? Never underestimate the power of a dark horse! Word of mouth from great storytelling will always be the most powerful marketing tool for films, and it will always drive people to the theatre.

3. Theatre Experience Will Matter More Than Ever

We can’t talk about the movie theatre industry in 2020 without mentioning the dreaded two-word combination: Streaming Services. Yes, they have disrupted the entertainment industry by offering people a new and convenient way to consume content. But studies have shown that the relationship between streaming and movie theatres is actually a symbiotic one in that individuals who consume content via streaming are actually more likely to go to the movies. In other words, streamers are movie buffs!

Even so, these movie buffs need a good reason to leave the comforts of their homes for their local theaters. That reason? Experience.

According to Inc., over the past few years, the U.S. has witnessed a tectonic shift in spending with 4x more spending devoted to experiences rather than physical goods. For movie theatre owners, this means that transforming auditoriums into full-sensory moviegoing experiences is more important than ever. With luxurious amenities like reclining seats and in-seat ordering, many theatres across the globe are experiencing significant attendance and revenue increase through enhanced experiences.  

Need a little help elevating your theatre experience? We can help. Contact us today for a free custom consultation.

We’re not sure about you, but we are feeling pretty optimistic about the year ahead of us. Yes, there are significant challenges ahead but we remain dedicated to innovation and delivering the best experiences. And, we will always be proud to be part of an industry that gets to bring the magic of the movies to people across the globe every single day.