3 Reasons to See a Movie This Weekend

Friends having dinner and drinks at a movie theatre

When it comes to making weekend plans, many of us would rather crawl under the covers and not wade through all of the options. (After all, the couch has been calling your name all week). From streaming services to video games to social media, it seems today’s world is pushing us to stay within the confines of our homes when the workweek is done. While it is important to unwind and relax on the weekends, it is also important to get out and enjoy experiences with friends and family. Here, we will give you 3 simple – but important – reasons why seeing a movie this weekend is one of the best choices you can make!

1. The Big Screen Makes Any Movie Better

As Steven Spielberg famously said, “Every time I go to a movie, it’s magic, no matter what the movie’s about.” While home theatre technology has made some great advances, there is still nothing quite like seeing a film at your local movie theatre. From the moment the lights go down to the rolling of the end credits, movie theatres allow you to block out the world outside and fully immerse yourself in the story and characters on screen. Plus, there is nothing quite like movie theatre audiovisual technology, including stunning widescreen visuals and surround sound.

2. Get Dinner, Drinks, and a Movie…All At Once

It wasn’t that long ago that dinner and a movie had to be planned as two separate activities in one evening. (That is unless you are the type who enjoys popcorn and candy for dinner.) With many theatres now offering elevated dining options including hot meals and craft cocktails, you no longer have to plan separately or choose between the two. In fact, movie theatre dining has improved so much over the years that food publications such as Eater are writing about theatres as dining destinations.

3. Experience a New Level of Comfort

Remember the days when you had to squirm around to get just a little comfort in a stiff theater seat, all while trying to awkwardly balance your candy, popcorn, and drink? Thankfully, those days are in the past for theaters who have upgraded to luxury cinema seating. Many theaters now offer extremely plush and comfortable seating, with recline options at the head and foot of the seat so moviegoers can find their optimal position. Plus, these seats are often equipped with small dining tables to safely hold your food and beverage so you can focus on enjoying the movie. Looking for the ultimate comfort indulgence? Some theaters even offer bells and whistles like heated seats and USB ports to charge your phone while you sit back and relax.

Now, you have 3 solid reasons to put a “movie night out” on your weekend to-do list. From the magic of the big screen to elevated food and beverage to indulgent comfort, today’s theaters are designed to deliver an unforgettable experience from the previews to the credits.

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